Senator O’Brien reacts to State of the State address

Senator Margaret O'Brien

Senator Margaret O’Brien

LANSING, Mich. — State Senator Margaret O’Brien, R-Portage, issued the following statement Tuesday after Gov. Rick Snyder delivered his 2016 State of the State address:

“I appreciate the opportunity to attend the governor’s State of the State address and hear about his priorities for the upcoming year. As the governor mentioned, the city of Flint’s ongoing water crisis is something that must be addressed as soon as possible, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to do what we can to help resolve both the underlying infrastructure needs as well as the health concerns facing the city’s residents.

“The governor also mentioned our state’s improving economy and the work that has been done over the past five years to help bring hundreds of thousands of new private sector jobs back to our state. Michigan’s turnaround has been remarkable and we must keep our focus on growing the economy.

“Education, too, remains a top priority. To meet the demands of a 21st century economy we must continue to expand and improve educational opportunities for our state’s students, regardless of where they live. Each and every student deserves a quality education that prepares them for a bright future.

“I look forward to the necessary work that must be done to continue Michigan’s positive momentum in 2016.”