Sen. O’Brien introduces ‘Legislator Compact’ resolution to denounce all forms of hate, bigotry and extremism

Senator Margaret O'Brien

Senator Margaret O’Brien

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Senate on Wednesday adopted the Michigan Legislators Compact, a resolution introduced by Senator Margaret O’Brien condemning all forms of hate, bigotry and extremism.

“Michigan is a welcoming state and no one should have to live in fear of hate, bigotry and extremism,” said Sen. O’Brien, R-Portage. “We, the Legislature, must lead by example in uniting against those who spread hate, and we must not allow hate speech or actions to poison our society. It’s important that we have a debate on the issues facing our state and nation while also respecting each other as people.”

Rep. Jeremy Moss is expected to introduce a similar resolution in the House next week.